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Tourist Information

Tourist Information in the Municipality of Grums

Foto: Øyvind Lund

Foto: Øyvind Lund

You can find our tourist information (Info Point) at the customer service in the Municipal Hall, at Rasta (Nyängen), OKQ8, the café in Värmskog and the Art Hall in Borgvik. Please ask for information there.

Furthermore, on several places in the Municipality you can find information-Info Points. An Info Point is a place which offers a personal service. These places are marked with the white and green Info Point mark and can for example be a hotel, a restaurant or a shop. There you as a tourist can get some information.

Customer service in the Muncipal Hall
Tel.No: +46(0)555-420 67 e-mail:
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8 a.m – 4 p.m 

Värmskogs Café
Tel.No: +46(0)570-46 12 74
Opening hours:
14th of August – 3rd of September Every day: 11 a.m – 7 p.m 4th of September – 1st of October Monday to Friday: 11 a.m – 4:30 p.m Weekends: 11 a.m -7 p.m

The Art Hall Sliperiet
Tel.No: +46(0)555 – 14 44 50
Opening hours:
Open 6th of May to 1st of October.
June – August : Every day 11 a.m – 6 p.m September: Friday to Sunday 12 a.m – 8 p.m

Rasta Grums, Nyängen
Tel.No: +46(0)5555-130 60
Opening Hours:
Shop: open night and day
Restaurant: 6.30 a.m – 11 p.m

Tel.No: +46(0)555-613 60
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 5.30 a.m – 8 p.m
Saturday 8 a.m – 8 p.m
Sunday 9 a.m – 8 p.m

Tel.No: +46(0)555-221 00
Opening hours:
1 of june- 31 of august open daily: 11:00 a.m-20:00 p.m

Grums Fish n' Camp
Tel.No: +46(0)555-221 00
Opening hours:
1 of june- 15 of august open daily: 09:00 a.m-21:00 p.m

Billeruds Golf Course
Tel.No: +46(0)555-785054
Openings hours:
Mon-thur: 08:00 a.m-17:00 p.m
Friday: 08:00-16.00
Sat-sun:08:00 a.m-15:00 p.m

Welcome to visit Grums!


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